Jewelry Care

We know that you put a lot of time and thought into the jewelry you purchase. It is an investment and can often become heirlooms that are designed to last for generations. Taking care of your jewelry is very important and it requires simple measures in order preserve the precious metal, the gemstones, the condition and value of your item.


One of the easiest ways to preserve your jewelry is to remove it when you don't need to wear it. Sleeping or physical activities could cause damage to your piece. Stones can become loose or chipped and settings (prongs) can become damaged. Chains can snag when being physically active can lose their integrity when put under stress.



Normal everyday things such as soap, lotions, perfumes can dull the finish of metals and the sparkle and luster of gemstones. Take care to remove jewelry when applying makeup, hair spray. Avoid cleaning products while wearing your jewelry. Chemicals, salt water and oils can discolor and even tarnish gold and silver. The best rule of thumb is that your jewelry should be the LAST item you put on after getting ready and the FIRST thing you take off during your nightly routine.

For a little more in depth and technical information, you can follow this link.



If jewelry is stored together, they can create scratches or loosen stones. Chains and bracelets can also get tangled easily.
We ship all of your jewelry in an appropriate jewelry box. They are not just meant to be a gift box but can be used to store your jewelry item when not being worn.



As with almost anything you own, jewelry can be damaged by just regular wear and tear. When wearing a precious piece of jewelry, be sure you do not knock or drop items against hard surfaces.



We recommend cleaning your jewelry regularly, almost daily, simply by using a soft cloth to wipe the surface of it down to remove oils, etc.

For a more thorough cleaning, gently scrub each piece of jewelry with a soft toothbrush with a mix of mild dish soap (just a drop) and warm water to remove dirt and oils from stones and settings as well. After cleaning, use a soft cloth to dry the piece.